Not Waste

Woods Not Waste (WNW) is a community-sponsored woodland clean-up project focused on preventing and removing waste from Montana’s forests and national parks.

Keeping Our Woodlands Clean for Everyone to Enjoy: Our Mission

Our mission is to use public funding to keep trash out of our woodlands by providing financial support and funding clean-up events.

About Us

We are a local non-profit organization focused on keeping trash out of the woods and in the local landfill where it belongs. Let’s Keep Our Woods Clean!

Our Partners & Sponsors

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Who We Work With

Local Waste Facilities

Park Rangers

City Organizations

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How you can help support our non-profit…

Trail heads, pathways, campsites, and roadsides are routinely littered with tires, couches, litter, and bags of garbage that are abandoned. After some research, WNW founders determined that many people do this to avoid paying dump fees to properly dispose of their garbage. Here’s how you can help.


Remember....Trashsquatch is watching! Donate to our cause so we can keep him from running amuck. Make a 1-time Paypal donation right now.


Volunteer to join us during clean-up events so we can maintain our trailheads so they are beautiful and clean.


Become a sponsor by making a recurring monthly donation to keep our non-profit going!  


Help us locate areas that need special focus by taking a photo and posting it to our social media.

How we help…

Waste Collection Vouchers

We work directly with local waste collection facilities to create paid vouchers for low income individuals to have some or all of their dump fees covered. This allows them to pay for large drop offs such as furniture or broken appliances.

Volunteer Clean Up

Workers involved in Woods Not Waste may organize community-based clean up projects for areas with high volumes of trash.

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