Press Releases

Sometimes, the Trashsquatch gets spotted by the press. Here’s a couple of our features from some local publications.

Who we are…

Our Feature in the Missoulian April 2021

“We like to be out in the woods, and we hate seeing trash,” Lemeza explained. “We don’t like to see it. Nobody does. It sucks…”

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Our Feature in NBC Montana April 2021

“Last year we went up the backside of Pattee Canyon, there’s a two-mile stretch there. we got about 3,600 pounds of trash out of there, everything from washers to bedroom sets,” Luke Jovin said. “We got 17 tires out of the side of the road. It’s one thing to find things on the side of the road, but it’s another when you go 20 miles back on a hike and find a refrigerator.”

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