Clean Up Projects

Check out some of the bigger projects that Woods Not Waste has worked on to keep Missoula looking beautiful. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates on all of our projects as well as volunteer opportunities.

See Our Projects

Take a look at some of the bigger projects we have worked on. Woods Not Waste is always working to haul out trash from our national forests and trail systems. On any given day, we can haul out between 70-2000+ lbs of trash from our woodlands. These are some of our bigger undertakings that we wanted to share. Please donate to keep us going.


Remember....Trashsquatch is watching! Donate to our cause so we can keep him from running amuck. Make a 1-time Paypal donation right now.


Volunteer to join us during clean-up events so we can maintain our trailheads so they are beautiful and clean.


Become a sponsor by making a recurring monthly donation to keep our non-profit going!  


Help us locate areas that need special focus by taking a photo and posting it to our social media.